Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sweet n' Slow has a microwave

Sweet n' Slow is always a good conversation starter when I take her out on a journey. It is so much fun to talk to campers about her and meet new people. After my first few adventures out with her, I decided that I needed a microwave. I didn't really want to change anything on the cabinets, so I decided to change how one of the lower cabinet doors hinged, and add a shelf for the microwave to sit on. My hubby was a huge help here! I wanted to recycle wood that we had. I am all about recycling and reusing anything that I can. He did a great job of helping me think through how to piece everything together. 

I found a retro microwave on amazon and felt like it was the perfect fit for my camper. (The link is for a black one, I don't see the blue one listed anymore.) In the picture, you can see the cabinet door has been changed to hinge down towards the floor. I just reused the original hinges and latch. My Dad came in really handy for this part. He is a great wood worker and was able to customize the original door to fit. Thanks Dad!!!

My next modifications to her will probably be converting the front bunk back into a table that drops down into a bed. 

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