Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Newbie...Reflections

In honor of NCIS, I am taking on the title of "Newbie" for my teacher reflections. There are so many wonderful things about being the Newbie in a school. During the first few weeks I had not been tainted by the undercurrents that flow in the school. Wonder is starting to wear off now and reality is setting in.

OK, I just really feel like getting this out there in regards to the week I have had, "What was that???" Daily I find myself facing something new and I just can't quit get caught up with any one thing. My special education duties are starting to get in the way of my teaching. Seriously, you non teachers out there just have no idea what kind of time and thinking go into really being prepared. I know, I could just slap some worksheets out there for the students. Think about it though, seriously, who wants to do worksheets? I hate them! Boring. I understand there is a time for them, but not everyday.

Back to SPED this week. One of my students is struggling. I am going to call him "Fred". He is in the 10th grade and has only managed to earn 4 credits. Currently he is failing every class he is enrolled in. I am trying to find a way to reach him, help him, or at the very least reason with him. Can I just tell you, it isn't going so well right now? I can admit it. I don't know how to help him. Plus there are some issues with the administration. Fred called me a B on Friday when talking to another teacher and he was not punished in any way for it. Let me repeat that...NOT PUNISHED! I just feel like the school lets the students get away with too much. I could give you a list: hoodies up, pants down, fighting, outburst, cursing, calling teachers names, untruth fullness, general disrespect...I am not done, but I will stop.

Fred has stopped working completely. He was told last year that Indiana Law states that a student can test out of a class if they can pass the final. This kid isn't being logical though. We are 4 weeks into the school year and he thinks he can suddenly test out of classes...there fore he won't work. The assistant principal allowed him to take a Pre Algebra final yesterday, which he failed because he didn't show any of his work. Now the student won't go into that class at all.

Today Fred went to resource room to take a quiz. While in resource room he sat and talked instead of working on the test. Support and help were offered but he stated "I don't' need your help. I can do this". Twenty minutes later he turns in a blank quiz, states he is going back to class and tells the TA he didn't do it because he didn't know how. See what I am working with here? he isn't logical in his thinking at all. What do I do with that?

More to come from the Newbie. Good night for now.

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